There are no grounds for doubts that the invention of shipping containers has dramatically reshaped the world economy. Containerization has totally changed the logistics industry as it simplified the entire logistics process and led to a revolution in cargo transportation and international trade. Shipping containers have been there in the market for many decades now. But it still is the greenest mode of transportation. This very fact is enough for anyone to invest in containers. Having more than 6 decades of track record of being the most profitable and safest source of positive income, containers are definitely a good option to invest in.

invest in containers

Davenport Laroche helps your investments run smoothly and successfully. It takes care of everything starting from sourcing shipping containers, to leasing them, right down to transferring your income. It makes the entire investment process seem like a cakewalk for you.

Being a major player in the container rental and hard assets investment industry, here are the two alternative investment opportunities that we deliver-

  • Shipping container leasing.
  • Shipping container trading.

Both these alternatives are guaranteed to offer our investors stable monthly returns worldwide. One should have no qualms regarding investing in containers as 90% of the world trade is driven by this industry through import and export trade. By leasing a shipping container, you are guaranteed to get a 12% per year guaranteed return. Doesn’t it sound like a trouble-free investment, where you just have to pay and then sit back and watch the returns roll in. This is the kind of investment that comes with the lowest risk factor. No one can lose an amount more than what one puts in. Moreover, shipping containers had always ruled over the transportation industry and is still dominating the logistics business. So, the chances of losing your money by investing in shipping containers is rare.

Davenport Laroche is your bridge to biggest companies in the world who will rent your containers. So, think no more and take the first step towards a trouble-free, safe and profitable investment by contacting us. We would love to hear from you.