Why Its Highly Recommended To Use A Bitcoin Tumbler

Why Its Highly Recommended To Use A Bitcoin Tumbler

Bitcoin tumbling is like what it’s termed for, basically, you put your coins in a bitcoin tumbling platform and that platform makes sure that your bitcoins will not be traced. This is a very popular concept nowadays because people realized that bitcoin isn’t actually anonymous and in fact, your transactions can be traced, your wallet can be traced and ultimately you can be traced.

The loophole? A public ledger where all bitcoin transactions pass called blockchain. For the people that don’t want to leave a trail that can be traced and loves their privacy this is the extra protection that they are searching for. Hacking into blockchain hoping to find a goldmine is not yet popular but the fact is it’s already existent and you don’t want to be in a vulnerable position when that happens.

It will make you anonymous: Your bitcoin wallet makes you anonymous to the people that don’t know how to take advantage of it. Bitcoin mixing makes sure that you will stay anonymous even to people that know how to exploit bitcoin transactions through blockchain. Its an additional layer that will be readily available for you, especially if you’re a person that has a very high bitcoin exchange. You don’t want that to fall into the wrong hands.

Bitcoin Tumbler

It makes you anonymous: You should know that your wallet doesn’t actually make you anonymous. Technically you’re anonymous since your wallet doesn’t have your name on it, but your transactions are an open book. For the right people that can crack the blockchain, you’re in a very vulnerable position. It might not be rampant but there are people capable of doing this. Submitting your bitcoin for mixing will help eliminate that because you’re virtually creating a dead trail.

Makes you less prone to hacking: Hacking starts by tracing your transactions to trace your wallet and find means to access your details and steal your bitcoins. Bitcoin tumbling can prevent that from ever happening. These tools help stop your transactions from being tracked that can ultimately make you less prone for hacking.

Its cheap: Bitcoin mixing is cheap, with rates ranging from 1% to 3% you can never go wrong with it. Its the simplest and easy way to be anonymous at a cheaper cost. Even big corporations that trade bitcoins use these bitcoin mixing sites not just because it’s cheap but because it works. Most don’t even want to invest in expensive 3rd party services and why would they? When they can only pay mere percentages for a premium service.

Bitcoin mixing provides a true anonymous bitcoin experience. Its a place to end the trail of your transactions making you and the person that you wish to send a bitcoin to (it can also be you) less prone to potential hacking. This is perfect for people that want to be more secure, is very sensitive to privacy and has a high exchange rate. It’s a service that is reliable and readily available to your needs. They say that digital currency is not for people that don’t have a vast knowledge of it and that is right because with all the intricacies and risks that surround bitcoin you need to be smart. If you want to know a good list of bitcoin tumbler services, you can check out cryptalker.com.