Know About My Default Gateway

What Do I Need to Know About My Default Gateway?

Essentially, a gateway is a router in a network of computers. Thankfully with gateways, it enables users to openly communicate and freely exchange information. In playing such a significant role, the internet will be useless to everyone without gateways.

To plainly describe it, think of it as a medium in the local network and the internet. It is a vital device required to be able to transmit information onto the internet and then back again. With that said, let’s further understand gateways and in the process answer the question what is my gateway address.

How does default gateway work?

Whether you’re at home or in a small office, users on a network access a default gateway to route traffic. An example is when you’re in a home network, the default gateway knows that it has to undertake specific paths to proceed with your internet requests from your computer then out from your network and into the succeeding device that knows the next procedure.

computer transmits information

This method doesn’t break off until your information subsequently reach its final destination. It’s likewise similar when you type a Google search or shoot off an email, your computer transmits information to a router. The reliable router then, to complete its duty determines where the information should be headed based on its understanding of the setup of the network.

Basically, you can look at gateway as a channel on how information is transported on the internet for us. It provides access into various networks so users may send out an email, search websites, enjoy online shopping, and so much more.

What are the distinct types of the gateway?

If you have a broadband router in your home so others can connect with the internet connection, then your home router works as your default gateway. These routers are considered gateways since it moderates the direction where your data is headed.

On the other hand, if a broadband router is not possible and you opt to rely on a dial-up internet access, then your internet service provider’s router is your default gateway.

How do I obtain my gateway address?

Now to address the question, what is my gateway address? For Microsoft Windows users, you can verify through the Command prompt using the ipconfig command, at the same time you can look into the Control Panel.

If you are a Mac and Linux user, you can obtain your gateway address by using the netstat and ip route commands.