Our Old Age Events

We are from Our Old Age Events

We are what which we have done from our past. Old age events led to the present use, if there was no big bang there would have been no, no beach to dig in. If there was a dinosaur, then there would not be any dog to keep as our pet. If there was no monkey then there would not be any of us reading this. Ancient events lead to the today, so it is very important to know where are our roots are from, what did we do in the past that today we are like this, what things are meant to be repeated and which are not to be repeated. History is not just a written account of dates and events. History teaches us the mindset of the people back then and how it is evolved till now, it teaches of the geography of that pace that led to all those incidents which affect us.


Some important events to know about

  • The big bang, it happened around 13.7 billion years ago. Creation happened because of the big bang, everything matter, energy, speed and time.
  • Formation of earth happened in near about 4.5 billion years ago. Before this earth was just full of and barren land.
  • Extinction of dinosaur, it happened nearly 65 million years ago, scientists say that a large meteorite hit the earth which resulted in tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and blackout due to atmospheric pollution. Not only dinosaurs but there was the extinction of marine life, plants, and many microscopic species as well.
  • The construction of the Great Pyramid, it happened nearly around 2575 B.C.E., the architectural beauty, a man-made the mountain that makes us feel awestruck when seeing how advance we were around that era, and thinking about these things to be made now seems impossible
  • Hammurabi’s Code: First Legal System Hammurabi’s Code: First Legal System, it was made around 1760 B.C.E, The king of Babylon Hammurabi, created the first ever noteworthy legal system, which consisted of 282.
  • First Olympic game organized, in 776 B.C.E. Historians says that it may not be the first gaming tournament that was held but it was the only one recorded.

Like these there are thousands of old age events that led to the present us, if we study history analytically and logically we can make a better tomorrow.