benefits of VPN service

TorGuard Review- benefits of VPN service

TorGuard promises everything from comprehensive cross-platform compatibility toward total anonymity while surfing the net otherwise even using email. As per TorGuard Review, They moreover offer secure DNS servers, as well as offer global coverage for their clientele. How does the service actually perform, though?

Ease of Use

Click, all you have to do is select your preferred billing cycle as well as any add-ons that you may want. As a note, the registering page might confuse some novel users, as it asks for simultaneous-use numbers also claims that it prices $1 per simultaneous user.

VPN Location

VPN Location

TorGuard offers 1,600 servers around the world, situated in 50 different nations. That’s really a very good number, as well as more than numerous other companies offer. Usually speaking, the more servers on offer, the improved you’ll defend your privacy.


Any VPN worth your cash should protect your privacy however surfing. As per TorGuard Review,TorGuard promises to encrypt up plus downstream traffic but doesn’t specify the encryption kind (128-bit or 256-bit). However, the firm does hide your IP address in adding to offering encryption, which is a significant consideration for all web users, and confirms that firms, your ISP as well as even government organizations are unable to decide your real IP address.


The real speeds you relish on TorGuard will vary. However maximum servers only had a slightly obvious lag, heavily inhabited ones were certainly worse. Thankfully, there are 1,600 servers to select from, so you can simply move to a less heavily used choice.

Customer support

You’ve got fairly a few options for client support with TorGuard. The live chat function is convenient for difficulties that need an instant answer, but the strong knowledge base is great for anybody hoping to solve their subject on their own. There is also a feature that lets you ask the user community, and you could monitor your support tickets over the dashboard.

Fast plus reliable

When everything is said plus done, TorGuard offers fairly a few options plus the service is comparatively fast and trustworthy. The added services, for example, anonymous email, as well as the anonymous proxy, add even added value.