Men Acquires Zits After Shaving

The Common Factors Why Men Acquires Zits After Shaving

Zits or pimples is an infection, caused by an impacted oil gland that are composed or oil, dirt, dead skin and antibodies. While zits are very common for teens, it’s also very common to men, especially in the facial areas. Why? This is because men shave. The act of shaving is not the culprit here, but the process, tools and solutions used when shaving contributes greatly to it.

When you talk about “man zits” its synonymous to shaving and it has a ton of factors. While most people will blame the microorganisms or the normal flora that takes residence in the skin, its really not the case. Because everyone has a ton of them. The question has not always been the presence of microorganisms in the face but how to get rid of zits after shaving?

zits after shaving

Clean your shaving tool: The one things causes a break in the skin is the shaving tool. If you always get zits after you shave then there’s a big chance that your shaving tool might need a bit more cleaning before you use it on your face. This is the reason why some men don’t shave regularly because they don’t want to deal with zits. Here are some good cleaning advice:

  • Clean the shaving tool thoroughly
  • Replace the blades regularly
  • Properly was the face after shaving

Shaving foam not properly cleaned: Shaving takes time and care, sometimes if a person is in a hurry, zits happen and if your a person that is always in a hurry then zits does always happen. One of the main causes of zits is when after a person shave’s, they don’t remove the shaving foam properly that attracts microorganisms and this causes irritation that causes zits in the process. The only way to prevent this is to properly clean the face after shaving every time.

Aftershave might also be the culprit: The aftershave is also the culprit in terms of zits after shaving. Why? Because aftershave is a chemical, and what most men don’t know is that aftershaves are a hit or miss. Some aftershaves work well with some, while some don’t. Its a matter of finding the right one for you. The wrong aftershaves can cause irritation that can cause zits, so if you got clean tools and you wash your face properly after shaving then maybe its time to replace your aftershave.

Clean hands: Its always easy to miss cleaning the hands since most men who shave just got out of the shower. But it’s better to wash your hands for a good measure since that might also be the cause of the zits. A dirty hand that comes in direct contact with an aftershave face and that is expected to have zits.

Zits is common in men especially after shaving. You can even say that shaving can be synonymous with zits. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time since there are ways to prevent it like properly cleaning a shaving tool, properly washing away the shaving foam after a shave, having the right aftershave and clean hands after shaving.