abdominal cramping

Serious abdominal cramping

Having cramps after sex is common in most of the women, in a number of cases women have serious cramps in the abdominal but it is not something to worry about. But in case you experience cramps even after two days of having sexual intercourse then it is a condition to worry about, as the cramping pain could be due to some health issue or due to some kind of cyst.

Reasons for the serious cramps

 Reasons for the serious cramps

There are a number of reasons that can be behind the cramping pain a women faces after sex:

  • PID- This is known as pelvic inflammatory disease, women having PID can have cramping pain after sex. Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common type of STD so one needs to be really careful.
  • Cysts- Cysts in the ovaries can be a reason for the pain after sex.
  • Deep penetration- If the cervix is badly hit during sexual intercourse then one can have cramping pain. Hitting of the cervix leads to the contraction of muscles which again causes cramping.
  • Pregnancy- In case a woman is in her early trimester, and then during sex there can be abdominal pain.
  • Menopause- Those women who are going through menopause can experience menstrual camping. This pain occurs after sex because there is lower production of hormones in the body.
  • Ovarian cancer- Another reason for serious camps can be ovarian cancer; abdominal pain, irregular periods, abdominal swellings are a few signs of ovarian cancer.

How to deal with serious cramping?

In case you have serious abdominal cramps after sex then here are a few tips to deal with it:

  • You can place a warm towel on the abdomen in order to ease out the pain.
  • Have pain killers to relive the pain.
  • Doing some exercise like walking or aerobics helps in relieving the pain.
  • Have natural herbs like ginger or fennel seeds to lower the pain.
  • Try massaging the abdomen, this helps in giving relief.

Serious cramps after sex are common but if you are dealing with them for more than two days then it is advisable to see a doctor.