Popular Korean Games

Review on the Popular Korean Games in the Top Game Market

South Korea is known for its popular online gaming market. The teenagers and young adults of south Korea spend a lot of their time playing their favorite online games in computer, play station, XBOX, smart phones and tablets. The popularity of the mobile games can be well understood from their ratings. reviews and high number of downloads in the playstore. Men like RPG and MMORPG games while women like puzzle, board games and RPG. Battling games and e-sports are popular among the Koreans. Here is a quick review of some of the trending online games in South Korea.

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One of the most popular game is the League of Legends. It is multiplayer online battle arena game(MOBA) where the battle is between two team of five each to destroy the enemy Nexus team. This riot games has 123 characters to pick from and still gaining popularity among millions of games lovers around the globe. Fifa Online3 are for avid soccer enthusiasts. You can play in opponent to other available online players or as a single player. One can buy/sell soccer players in your team with the game scores that you win in a match. Sudden Attack is a shooter game between red and blue team. Map options such as warehouses, bombed out parks, roads are available. Knives, pistols, rifles are the available weapons and game play to complete includes capturing the victory flag, destruction places and complete death matches with enemies. Blade and Soul is a MMORPG real time battle game. Players create their own avatars and perform combo attacks. Graphics are too good.

Starcraft is a strategy space game where the player has to control the four themed races using their weapons and forces and destroy their buildings and people. Dungeon Fighter is a 2d game where the avatar players have magic and health bar to know their abilities and energy level till death bed. Overwatch is assumed to be the top game in the current market. It is a shooter games by the first person against twenty one characters to choose from. They have to complete the life of their rival with a list of weapons to choose from. It can be played in Xbox, play station and MS windows. Lineage is a multiplayer role playing game and has players from the medieval age. The players got to choose from seven character classes and wear tailored costumes. Tax rates are set and collected from other players in a castle siege system. Diablo3 is a hunting and looting gold game. Player can choose their favorite character and kill the Dread Lord Diablo. One can loot or buy weapons with the points earned to kill him.

Now, it is your time to download any of the top games mentioned, according to your gaming interest and plunge deep into the gaming world of South Korea!