The first stage of parenthood starts with baby shopping. Choosing the best and safe products for the baby is a challenging task as the market is overflowing with a wide variety of baby products. As a parent you can choose only the best for your babies. Amongst a wide range of baby products, baby bottle is something you cannot do without. We understand your baby’s needs and have come up with Dr. Browns Fles.

Bottle to shop for your babies

A Quick Look at The Product

The brain behind the invention of Dr. Brown’s bottle is an American doctor, Craig Brown’s. It stands out from other baby bottles as it is the only bottle available with patented valve system. This valve system contributes to the health of babies and hence is advised by doctors all over the world. It is for this reason, you can see this product being used at maternity wards and various child care centers. No wonder why Dr. Browns has already won a number of awards for his invaluable contribution in the field of baby health. Following are some of the awards won by him-

  • Medical Design Excellence Award
  • AMBY Award: He won this award for no less than six years in a row i.e.from 2004-2009. This is the American award for the best product for babies.

At Nutur, you can find a wide range of Dr. Brown’s Bottle to shop for your babies. All you have to do is just select the brand and choose from an array of products available there. The user-friendly interface will make your shopping experience quite easy and less time consuming.

What Makes It Unique?

One may ask what makes the product unique to be chosen over other products. The answer is simple. It is because of the valve system that it comes with, the effect of which has been scientifically proven. Let us understand the working of this valve system in a little more detail-

  • Vacuum formation and air bubbles are the major concerns while feeding your baby with a baby-bottle. The valve system prevents vacuum formation and air bubbles. Air bubbles do not reach the food and as a result, the child suffer less from colic. It also helps in preventing peasants and vomiting.
  • Since the air is directed to the space above the feed, all the essential nutrients in the food will be retained.
  • There will be no negative vacuum formation. The food will reach your baby without any hassles.
  • Positive pressure comparable to breast feeding is created by the valve system. Your baby does not have to suck hard on the teat.

Feeding your baby could have been no easier. This product has entirely revolutionized the baby product market. The health and safety of the child should always be the prime focus of any brand involved with marketing baby products. Dr. Browns Fles is proud to serve the purpose efficiently. We care for your baby’s health the same way you do and hence, we are a name you can trust.