Marijuana: Expecting Big Things In 2018

So much has changed in the last 40 years for the most provocative plant, marijuana. It caused controversies, sparked advocacy here and there and has created associations that unites its users.

Illicit as it is, still marijuana is breaking every barrier and now is welcomed in countries for medical purposes in majority.

legalize recreational marijuana

2018 is a year of progress, innovation and even competition. What are we going to expect for marijuana in this year?

Here are the possible things that might happen in the coming months.

Possible countries to legalize recreational marijuana this year

New year, a fresh start and more open doors that would accept marijuana in their country. Recent researches and studies showed the positive effects marijuana can give to patients. It’s no surprise that even the most moral country will legalize the use of the illicit drug.

These are the countries are possible to legalize recreational marijuana in the near future if not this year:

  • Canada – the nicest country is now also being nice to pot users this year. Canada is now on its way to legalize the use of medical cannabis if it passes for the final reading in the Congress. First projection was on July 1 but lately, there is a bit of delay but most likely it will happen on late August or early September.
  • Jamaica – surprised? Truth be told, weed is not legal in Jamaica until recently when they permit small amount and then moved to allowing medical marijuana in 2016. With this, it is most likely that they will permit recreational marijuana since there is strong fanatical support in the community to do that as well.
  • Czech Republic – medical marijuana is allowed in this country. Since then more tourists are flocking the country and most of them are cannabis enthusiasts. If they want to pursue becoming a tourist destination for marijuana users, then the Czech Republic well most likely decriminalize recreational cannabis completely.
  • United States of America – unlike the countries above, I’m pretty sure you are not surprised that I am including the US in the list. But nonetheless, almost half of the country has access to weed. However, in the coming years, more and more states are now allowing recreational marijuana and this might include Vermont, New Jersey, and Oklahoma – that’s one-eighth of the American population.

Marijuana at workplace

According to a recent survey by Mashable, 9.74% of Americans smoke marijuana before going to work. Although most of these workers are taking marijuana as drug prescription, yet 7.28% say that they smoke pot for recreational reasons.

Most bosses don’t want stoned employees in their workplace for obvious reasons. But nonetheless, studies have shown that smoking pot is now in the top spot when it comes to the most used drugs on employees.

As more state and countries legalize the use of marijuana, how can a company handle the said drug in their workplaces?

Well, strict policy implementations should be imposed, and this includes drug testing. Nothing new right? Well, for the employers that might be the case but not for those potheads who can always get away with their relaxations sessions between breaks. Nowadays, the market is full of best detox drinks for drug test. The most effective ones might be more expensive, but drug test doesn’t happen every week, do they?

To be able to manage users in your workplace, as an employer you should educate yourself first especially on the changes of the law in your place. Also, have a clear policy when it comes to marijuana. Know what your stance in the company when it comes to using marijuana and start from there and start strong.

But most importantly, know communicate to your employees as well. That way, you can have a set of guidelines on what to consider and what to implement inside your company in accordance with the federal law in your place.

Marijuana major breakthrough in opioid addiction and more

In relation to the usage of marijuana in the workplace. Studies have also shown that most of these users take marijuana as a prescribed drug.

For the year 2018, it is perceived that more states and countries will welcome cannabis because of its proven effective when used medically.

For example, in New Jersey, doctors can now directly prescribe marijuana to treat chronic anxiety and migraine.

In the recent study published at JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found out that using cannabis for medical purposes has reduced its opioids prescription. In fact, there is a staggering 2.21 million less of daily dose are prescribed on states that allow cannabis compared to states that don’t. The data used are from Medicare that caters more than 24 million Americans.

In other words, experts are now proposing to use medical cannabis to people who are having problems in opioid addiction.

To make a stronger impression, this is not only the study that supports the use of medical cannabis to treat opioid addiction. Studies in 2015 show that in states where cannabis is permitted, deaths from opioid overdose has reduced to 24.8 percent while in 2017, the upward trend of opioid addiction in the state of Colorado was overturned since its legalization of recreational cannabis.