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How to choose the refrigerated air dryers for air compressors

A Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers can help in various ways and the major help that it does is drying the air completely as the air passes through the heat exchanger of a refrigerator. By the method of cooling the air that is entering the compressor, the dryer hence allows the water vapour to condensate and drain out. The refrigerated air dryer must be functional enough to bring the best service in protecting the pipes, tools and equipment against pneumatic, corrosion or many such issues. There can be the main three types of refrigerated air dryers coming from the side of the company:

A cycling kind of refrigerated air dryer: that will either increase or decrease the load of refrigeration of compressor that mainly depends on the compressed air demands. This kind of dryer helps a lot in saving money by reducing the power consumption while it constantly provides consistent dew points.

A Non-cycling kind of refrigerated air dryer that is considered extremely reliable. These kinds of air dryers can have a size from any application and they will always provide the consistent dew points. Non-Cycling dryers have a low cost for maintenance and this is something that helps a lot to have the air dryer and not having to spend much after installing the system once in life.

refrigerated air dryer

A high inlet kind of temperature refrigerated air dryer that is mostly used in the situations where there is an extra refrigeration need in order to remove any water vapour that is present in the air. These types of air dryers are considered similar to the non-cycling dryers but they come with oversized systems that are enough to ensure the consistent dew points.

It is necessary to choose the right kind of refrigerated air dryers for air compression looking at the need of air dryer. There are different companies that can provide the right choice and advice one can use the internet to find the reputation of a certain company and check reviews about the product before actually buying the air dryer from the market.