security feature of VPN’s


Virtual Private Network (VPN) was once the safe haven of people who wish to have a total privacy and completely secured virtual environment but earlier this year, the internet security community encountered a huge issue with regards to VPN which involves security issues after many VPN service providers fail to conduct data encryption which serves as the main security feature of VPN’s.

secured virtual environment

This issue means that people who subscribe to VPN were exposed to vulnerability to different kinds of threats lurking on the internet. A lot of people are concerned about this issue so it is pretty important to learn if the VPN service provider that you are using is perfectly working.

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Before I show you the tips if your VPN is working perfectly fine, these are the reasons why a lot of people subscribe to VPN service providers.

  1. Security- VPN provides data encryption so that your system won’t be accessed by a malicious person seeking to obtain data from your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Privacy- VPN hides and modifies your IP address and create a decoy IP address that appears in a completely different location, leaving you safe and untraceable.
  3. Accessibility- You can unlock these websites because VPN’s just like what I mentioned above takes care of modifying your IP address to match the location available for accessibility of the website that you wished to visit.

Now here’s the main topic of this article. To check if your VPN is working, you have to use internet speed test and locate the fastest servers available in your location and most VPN service providers also offer speed test features to their bundled subscriptions. Doing speed test is to check out the list of available servers and see how quickly it responds to your test. The nearest server to your location is the one that responds the quickest.

Aside from using speed test, you should also use IP address checker to gain access to your IP address’ information so that you can determine if it remains the same or is already modified and changed by the VPN service provider.  An IP address checker will also determine if the modified IP address done by the VPN service provider has a completely secured connection outside the internet service provider that you are currently subscribed in. It will also show the current location of your dummy IP address to show more proof that it’s working.

Bottom line is, choosing the most reliable VPN service provider is a daunting task that must be taken seriously because it involves your security, your very own personal information, and personal data. One wrong move and you’ll end up exposing everything to threats. Having a VPN account is also important if you want to enjoy and spoil yourself to the limitless opportunity to visit websites and streaming videos online that are not available in your current location and also the chance to download movies, music, software, and programs that are not also available for your country but with all these benefits comes with a lot of risks that is why you should follow those simple but very useful tips to keep you safe.