Everything you need to know about timber bolts

Different types of bolts are available that are being used in the construction works – for interior and exterior, such as the tension control bolts, timber bolts, structural, shear studs, sockets, hex tap, hex lag screws round head and lot more. Among them, the timber bolts are one of the most popular in use. These timber bolts are often referred to the mushroom head bolts, fender head bolts, safety head bolts, dome head bolts or sometimes the economy bolts. The oversized Stainless Steel Timber Bolts have eliminated the basic need for the flexible iron washer.

The underside of the low-profile and rounded head timber bolts have two nubs or fins. The purpose of these fins is to protect the bolt from turning in the timber.

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What are the uses of timber bolts?

Timber bolts are mainly used for marine applications, wood works and more like these. These timber bolts are normally made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel for some special applications. It includes those added resistance like the marine settings required. They are sometimes known as the HDG or galvanized timber bolts as they have this type of finish. A wide range of domestic timber bolts is available as well. Varieties of lengths, diameters and thread configurations – you have numerous options to choose from.

How to choose your timber bolt supplier?

When you are going to source the timber bolts or the other varieties of structural components including HDG galvanized anchor bolts and the stainless bolts, you must go with a trusted and quality supplier who can meet your needs well and without making delay. A trustworthy supplier of the Stainless Steel Timber Bolts will provide their customers the best service and they will promise about the quality and integrity as well.

To provide the best ever service, these service providers sometimes visit the site to offer the accurate support and service to help their customers the best and then determine which bolts are really fitted to the application.

A good customer service is one of the most important criteria that every service provider should offer. They need to offer a quick and thorough response to the customer’s query and needs.