Communication products for the military

Communication products for the military

Ammunition, projectors, cartilages, headsets, tracking systems and many other military component products are being needed by the army men to protect the nation from the foreign terminators. Such ammunition is provided by companies like CJ component products and many others. Quality military component products have to be delivered to the company because if quality products are not supplied to them, their lives are at stake. Soldiers of the army are already risking their lives to save ours, so it is our duty to deliver quality military component products to them. CJ Component product ensuresthat quality is served.

CJ component products

CJ component products provides communication products for the military. Communication products like heavy duty vehicular headsets, heavy duty headsets, headsets for inter-vehicular communication and tactical headsets with numerous switches are supplied to the military. The foremost purpose of these headsets is communication, but they are also noise-cancelling. They minimise background noises. This feature comes helpful when trying to communicate during gunfire. These military component products are used by the military as well as SWAT teams. Except headsets, there are other devices like speaker microphones, throat microphones, Loudspeakers, bone conduction, earphones, surveillance kits, connectors & adapters, Control & switch assemblies and various other tactical products.

For radio communication, devices like two way radios mobile handheld, VIC-1 components, Radio set components, radio spares, antenna systems and electron tubes are supplied to the military. Headsets, amplifier, crewmen vehicle communication helmets, control box and cable assemblies are some of the VIC-1 components. These are the standard methods for communication among the crewmen of tanks and other vehicles. For telephone communication, field telephone systems are supplied to the military.  Field telephone system, telephone distribution box, field switchboard sets are provided for telephone communication. Field telephone system for military purpose is generally two wire field telephone system. It is used for point to point communication. It basically consists of a telephone, manual, handset and a shoulder bag with wide straps to carry it. Field switchboard sets are used to connect void frequencies. It can connect up to 12 voice frequencies. It comes with a handset.