legal and political functioning

Books And The Person

After writing several successful books, Jay Sekulow has managed to bring about new kinds of subjects that some way or the other bring in how it can affect the lives and faiths of people across the world and especially America. His books are definite eye openers as they informative and hold perspective on various issues that have been not addressed nonchalantly as he has done in his books. He has exposed the various blatant lies that leaders across the world have said to appease a section of people and how they secretly have manipulated millions of people’s lives for their benefit.


He has addressed scores of people about legal and political functioning which is relevant to know and act upon. The popularity at which he is able to gain thousands of people to sign in for various important causes. The literary publications and illustrious tenure in the legal field for so many years has won him accolades.

Jay Sekulow has so many books to his credit exploring the many facets of legal functioning in the country under various governments and their policies. How the bureaucracy functioning has made some drastic decisions in bringing about changes for migrants and also how national security is compromised. He has been able to devise a roadmap to bring out changes in the system by addressing freedom of religion and speech.

It must be clarified that Jay Sekulow has been one of the esteemed and celebrated attorneys of his time and considered a champion in advocating that the need to exercise our rights. He has explored the times before and after the tenure of many governments and what it has done to a Erica over the years. With careful analysis and research over the years, he has presented his views on what he hopes will enlighten the readers of what is going on and they have not felt this as their minds get clouded with false hopes but true light is shed by Jay in many case studies on how many things have been compromised over the years and it is impacting the image and security of the country at large.