Book on Public Relations

Book on Public Relations

Managing the business requires the knowledge of  quick communication efficiency to survive and techniques of lower cost marketing and ad campaigns. Public relations also plays a vital role in the business to gain the impact of the people through social media.

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The Book:- “For Immediate Release Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Business with Game Changing Public Relations “ is the first book written by the  owner of top 50 PR agencies RonnTorossian.

The book explores about how public relations can be maintained which involves defining brands which include brand name, value, image and how to maintain the same during crisis and also show cases how to help individuals and companies court the press or avoid it.  The book also focuses on how to grow the business without isolating loyal customers, ways to resolve crisis on speed basis and to attain first page results.

It also provides the techniques in finding the audience using old and new media in tandem. Know your audience is the main thing  in the concept of business where the success depends on retaining loyal audience and attracting new audience.  Generating new audience involves creating high personal and relevant impression for them.

Promotion of brand interest:- how to promote a brand interest and doing business during an internet search is what exactly is required. Proper information should be maintained regarding the brands and business In the sites to gain the public attention. To create an impact for any business or brand public relations are required in the media world.Ronn Torossian lifts the curtains on the intertwined worlds of PR and media, leaving little uncertainty about how communication is significant for brands. The book guides with new rules of social media with concrete examples. The book explains the balance between public relations  and social media.

Rules of success:- dimple five basic norms to attain success in PR

  • Timing in emergency matters as one should be prompt on time in checking mails and be quick during emergency time 24/7.
  • Read the news say it any news be up to date.
  • News is an entertainment which makes people to read to get information, to get fun and to get entertained.
  • Stunt working may be matter on publicity stunt.
  • Work really hard to get success. The book explains the above rules to attain success in PR.