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PhenQ is responsible for weight loss and is a drug that has very low or almost no side effects. The main reason for the popularity of PhenQ is due to its all natural ingredients. But this product works very slowly and must be accompanied by lifestyle and dietary changes too. It is recommended to take PhenQ after consultation with a physician or a dietician. Although it has no side effects the dietician can recommend you correct dosage as per your needs and also if you are having other medical conditions he/she may recommend or tell you not to take this drug. For more details about PhenQ visit this website

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Know the exact dosage for PhenQ —

This dosage of PhenQ is for a normal and healthy person who is looking to get in shape and lose some weight. If you are suffering from other medical conditions such as hypertension, heart diseases, respiratory disorders, blood pressure or similar other diseases then it is highly advisable to consult your doctor before taking any sort of medications as it may aggravate the situation.

In general, you can take two tablets of PhenQ per day. It should be taken once with your breakfast and one with lunch. It is not recommended to take this product late in evening or at night. This is because it contains caffeine in it that can result in an energizing effect on the body and can hamper your night’s sleep. Although you may start seeing potential results of this drug in a month according to your dietary and lifestyle habits, for proper results you should continue regular usage of PhenQ for at least 5 months.

Unless recommended by some doctor or dietician, it is not advised to increase or decrease the dosage of this drug. This is because there needs to be a specific concentration and proportion of the ingredients of the drug that needs to be present in the body for proper effect and so one must take 2 tablets per day on a regular basis. Else it will be a complete waste of time as well as money.

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