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Alexis Assadi: How to Build Wealth on Your Own

There are actually several ways of conventionally building wealth. Most people would hire financial advisors and investment coaches to guide them through the process, but the truth is, you can actually do it on your own. Take Alexis Assadi as example.

Struggles in Earlier Years

Alexis Assadi didn’t grow up in a rich family, with his parents bequeathing him money to start his own business. In fact, he only belonged to a middle class family. Luckily, his parents were hard working individuals who made everything possible for their family. Alexis was able to travel to various countries even while he was younger. He also didn’t do too well in school. He admittedly excelled only in subjects that sparked his interest. While in college, he worked for his uncles. He took up Political Science and intended to become a lawyer just because it was the wisest thing to do. However, he seemed to leaning more towards investing.

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Investing as a Craft

Alexis perceived investing not as a job, but as an art. He started investing while he was in college. At first, he used mutual funds, and eventually turned to other forms of investments. Yes, it took great risks, but he was more than willing to take them. He believed that mistakes should be looked upon as a positive driving force, and not as a frustrating mark. It would take years of practice and honing, but the turnout is incredible. Getting the services of financial advisors should be out of the question. He did not believe that they could actually help people achieve financial freedom.

Active Portfolio Participation

To become financially free, you need to be hands on, especially when it comes to your investment portfolio. The more active you are, the better your returns will be in the process. With a financial advisor, you need to pay dues and commissions. These amounts could have been yours all along on top of your returns. Getting rich is not an overnight experience. It takes time to learn to invest, but it is definitely a more viable option if you want to get the best value for your money. To reach financial freedom, you need do the moves by yourself first.

Building wealth is not something that you can do in just a day or two. You can’t expect to become rich through a single investment, either. The key here is to learn everything that you can on investing, and never be afraid to take risks. Getting help from financial coaches is not a bad idea, but if you can do it by yourself, it will definitely get even better.