Achievements of an entrepreneur

Achievements of an entrepreneur

Most of the success people are introduced in the world with a small stepping stone. Similarly entrepreneurs also play a definite role in everyone’s life.  Not only men, women being entrepreneur are also succeeding well in their designated firms.  Apart of it, a famous entrepreneur named ronn torossian came into existence for showing the essence of public relations role to this society.

PR executive professional


A ronn torossian is also a CMO (chief marketing officer), an author, a philanthropist, advisory board member of Jet Smarter. Here the investors includes are jay-z, Saudi royal family etc in this jet sharing company namely Jet Smarter. Being a popular PR executive professional, his contribution is allocated to Forbes, wired magazine, inc.etc. He used to give up many interviews regularly to CNBC, good morning America etc. being a famous PR firm executive. He also used to donate some amount of profit to charity homes being a humanity person. He also visits different schools and colleges, universities and all being a member of young president’s organization in America.  For his own firm 5WPR, he was received a best PR executive of the year by the American business awards. His growth and success formula in his business is he loves to do his job heart fully.

Background of this entrepreneur:

In his professional life, his own firm 5WPR is originated in the year 2003. He used to be active and keep on working. In short he has no end supply of energy and simply he is workaholics. Many business tycoons quote him as ‘he is a 24/7 working guy’. He is an author as well.  He always motivates the current generation through his success formulas, tips and the daily activities of him etc. through his writings. Currently he released a book name ‘for immediate release’, where it covers entire synopsis of his PR firm, his rules for development of PR firms and all. In this way, this entrepreneur is successful in all the streams of business and he is also termed as humanity balanced guy.


His achievements are extraordinary when you come across this kind of entrepreneur functionalities.