User Davenport laroche review

A User Davenport laroche review

I heard about this firm Davenport laroche on some website when I was looking for some information on stock. There was one advertisement. That was the time I contacted them. I asked them for detailed information about their investment plans and they immediately sent me lot of documents.

I reviewed all of these and I understood their business model as well. Through this, I understood why they are not buying the containers themselves. Later I started doing some research on this entire container industry. Many countries are using these containers to make office spaces and homes as well.

One must also believe that over 90% of the goods in the globe are sent through containers. Through this research I understood that there is always high demand for containers all over the world.

I even did complete search on the reviews. There was no bad review that I could find about them. But there were many for their competitors. Meantime I came to know about China’s Belt and Road Initiative. There was opinion that there will be extensive use of containers for this construction since huge quantity of materials is needed. So, because of this one belt initiative I understood that there will be high demand for containers even in other countries as well.

industry dynamics

Along with this, I also understood that since there are many natural disasters happening now days, there will be shipment to such countries more often. This helped me to foresee the high demand for containers which is growing day by day. There is a regular newsletter. This helps in giving insight to the industry dynamics. One can also refer this for more details.

So, now I was very comfortable due to my extensive research as well as number of phone calls with team. I even clarified on legal information regarding the investments. Even with complete information, I started off with one container which was 40 ft container.

I was very curious about the first service it did. Later after a year I purchased 3 more containers. So, there were 4 containers in total. This helped to qualify for monthly income category. There is a condition that with at least 4 containers one will be eligible for monthly income. I chose the high return leasing option. I am getting monthly income and in future I want to buy more containers. I definitely recommend this to other investors.