Buying Diaper Changing Table

5 Tips For Buying Diaper Changing Table

Changing diapers can be daunting especially for first time parents. However, you can make it simple with a diaper changing table. When changing diapers anywhere, you could end up hurting your knees and back due to constant pressure. With a changing table, however, you can stay in an upright position while changing your baby’s diaper. There are various benefits of using a changing table but still some parents are having second thoughts with buying one. Here are some tips for ensuring that you will buy the right changing table.

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Consider Size And Available Space

The size of the table and the available space in your house matter. Make sure that the diaper changing table you will buy is not too large for your available space. Although larger tables offer convenience, they may not fit within the boundaries of your nursery. Another consideration should be how you are going to use the table. A larger table will be a good choice if it will serve as the main storage place. If this is the case, you would have to remove other pieces of furniture in the nursery. When buying a table, it would be best to take measurements. Make sure that the table will be far from any window or handling will become difficult.

Check Table Functionality

When buying a changing table, make sure that it will make changing diapers easy for you. Oversized tables not only allow you to change diapers with the baby facing you but also make changing longer. Larger tables are best when toddlers continue wearing diapers until they reach 2 year sold. Larger tables also allow enough space for your baby to change sides. They can also easily stretch out.

Overall Height of the Table

Although the width greatly matters, it is the height of the table that can make changing diaper easier or difficult to use. The ideal height of the table should be high enough for you to change diapers without you leaning too much forward.

Layout Of The Table

You may have an oversized changing table but if you cannot reach diapers, wipes, or creams because of its inefficient layout, then you should look for a more efficient table. Make sure that there is enough storage to handle all your diapering requirements.

Pay Attention to Quality

The build quality of the table is important when buying a table. To make sure that the table is durable, try shaking it when you see it personally. If you are buying online, read the reviews and talk to a sales representative to know the safety features of the table.